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99math Review – Join and Login

99math was an online platform designed to make mathematics fun and engaging for students. It offers various activities and games that help students practise and enhance their math skills. It’s especially known for organising the 99math eSports for Education Tournament, an international math competition.

What is 99math?

99math offers an optimal solution for those seeking to enhance their numeracy capabilities in an interactive, captivating, and enjoyable way. It stands as an exemplary online gaming platform dedicated to the facilitation of mathematical learning and improvement at no cost. Since its inception in 2023, 99math, with its advanced and intuitive design, has successfully fostered the growth of future mathematicians. It is increasingly becoming the go-to resource for those finding challenges in mastering mathematics.

99Math Pros and Cons

99math is an online math gaming platform intended to make learning mathematics engaging and fun for students. It uses competitive math games to motivate learners and has the following pros and cons:


  1. Engaging and fun: The gaming format can be more engaging for some students compared to traditional teaching methods, thereby promoting more active learning.
  2. Competitive: The platform features real-time math competitions, which can motivate students to improve their skills.
  3. Adaptable learning: The platform adjusts to the skill level of the learner. This means that students are continuously challenged but not overwhelmed.
  4. Performance tracking: It offers teachers a way to track their students’ progress over time, which can be helpful for evaluating performance and identifying areas where students might need additional help.
  5. Flexible schedule: As an online platform, it allows students to learn and practise at their own pace and time.
  6. 1 minute setup: Easily generate tasks, and students can join with a game code and no accounts needed.


  1. Dependence on technology: The platform requires a stable internet connection and compatible devices. In areas with limited access to technology or the internet, this might pose a problem.
  2. Lack of personal interaction: While online gaming can be engaging, it doesn’t offer the same level of face-to-face interaction with a teacher that a traditional classroom setting does.
  3. Might not appeal to all learners: Not all students enjoy competitive games, and those who do not might find this approach stressful or demotivating.
  4. Over-emphasis on speed: While speed in solving problems can be an important skill, too much emphasis on it can lead to a lack of depth in understanding mathematical concepts.
  5. Possible technical issues: Like with any technology, there could be technical glitches or issues that could disrupt learning.

It’s always a good idea to consider the specific needs of your students or children and how well a particular tool meets those needs before deciding whether or not to use it.

99math Free and Paid Prizes

There are two plans: paid and free. There is also a free trial for 7 days, and you can cancel anytime during the trial.

Piad Membership Plans:

  • Special rewards for achievements.
  • Extended play practice time.
  • Suitable skill levels for child.
  • x2 recover rate maximum energy.
  • Multiple Math Pass Skin.
  • Reward Types: Epic and Legendary rewards.
  • Price is 4.99$ Per Month.

Free Membership Plans:

  • Limited play practice time.
  • Normal recover rate maximum energy.
  • Limmited Math Pass Skin.
  • Reward Types: Common and Rare rewards.

99math Join

There are two methods to join: first through email, name, and password; and second through signing up with Gmail. Three types of people can join

  • Student
  • Techer
  • Parent

Teacher Panel:

The teacher can create a practise as per the student’s grade level. Grade Level 1 is the easiest, and Grade Level 6 is harder. According to the student, the teacher can pick the grade level as well as add types of topics for the student, like addition, multiplication, division, etc. The teacher will get a login url and game entry code, so accordingly, the student will join as per your requirement, and no one external will be able to join it. Students can join it from any type of device; they are also not required to login. Once they complete all tasks, you are able to check the report and analyse the report and student skill level, and accordingly, the teacher can plan for the student. A position report is also available after all students test with their accuracy and skill level. lets login.

99math Skills

It has more then 1000 math skills to practice online. Few of them are as follows:

  • Division
  • Equation
  • Number Sense
  • Addition
  • Measurement
  • Percent
  • Multiplication
  • Fact Fluency
  • Time and Money
  • Fractions
  • Geometry
  • Decimals

Math Madness Competition arranges a competition online on Facebook and its website with the name “Math Madness”. They are announcing the top 20 teams from Grade 1 to Grade 6 with scores. There are rewards for the top three winners.

Top Placeholder Reward: 300 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place Holder Reward: 150 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Place Holder Reward: 75 Amazon Gift Card


I really recommend this website for all children from grades 1 to 6 to increase their mathematical skills. I have used this for my child and found out what type of math skill deficit they have. I have focused on that skill, and now they are better in math. Try it and please review it on my website; accordingly, I shall update it in my content too.


How can we teach with this tool?

Here is a general step-by-step process of teaching using an online math platform, based on similar tools available as of my training cut-off:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the Tool: The first step in teaching with any new tool is to understand how it works. Spend some time navigating the 99math platform, exploring its features and capabilities.
  2. Set Up a Class/Group: Once you’ve gotten the hang of the platform, set up a class or group. This often involves inputting students’ information or sending them a link or code to join your class.
  3. Prepare Lessons: Plan your lessons around the features offered by the tool. For example, if 99math offers practice problems, incorporate these into your lesson plans.
  4. Teach Lessons: When teaching, use the platform to demonstrate concepts and solve problems. Encourage students to use the tool to practice on their own as well.
  5. Monitor Progress: Use the tool’s progress tracking features to monitor students’ progress. This can help you identify areas where students are struggling and adjust your teaching strategies accordingly.
  6. Encourage Competition: If 99math indeed is a competition platform, use that feature to engage and motivate your students. You could set up competitions between students or even between different classes.
  7. Solicit Feedback: Regularly ask for feedback from your students. This will help you understand what’s working, what’s not, and how you can improve your use of the tool.

Is math99 good for learning?

However, in general, any tool that provides an engaging and interactive way to practice math can be effective for learning. The effectiveness of a specific tool can depend on a variety of factors, including:

  1. Content Quality: Does the tool provide accurate, clear, and high-quality math content? This is fundamental to any good learning tool.
  2. Adaptability: Good learning tools are able to adapt to the learner’s level, providing easier content when the learner is struggling and more challenging content when the learner is ready to advance.
  3. Engagement: Effective learning tools are engaging and make learning fun. This can be especially important for subjects like math, which some students may find intimidating or boring.
  4. Feedback and Progress Tracking: Tools that provide feedback help learners understand their mistakes and learn from them. Progress tracking can motivate learners by showing them how much they’ve learned and improved.
  5. Ease of Use: If a tool is too complicated or difficult to navigate, students might get frustrated and give up on using it.
  6. Suitability for Age Group: The tool should be appropriate for the age group of the students. Younger students typically need more visuals and interactivity, while older students might benefit more from detailed explanations and challenging problems.

Is suitable for all age groups?

Absolutely! caters to learners of all ages, from elementary school students to adults seeking to improve their math skills.

Does 99math join align with educational standards?

Yes, aligns with various educational standards, making it a valuable resource for both formal and informal learning settings.

Can students play join 99math games on different devices?

Yes, 99math is accessible on various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Does the platform offer support for educators?

Certainly! provides dedicated resources and support for teachers to integrate the platform seamlessly into their classrooms.

LSI Keyword: Interactive Mathematics

What sets 99 math apart is its focus on interactive mathematics, where students actively participate in the learning process.

Are the games challenging enough for advanced learners?

Absolutely! 99math offers a wide range of difficulty levels, ensuring that even advanced learners find the challenges stimulating.

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